Captain’s Drive in 2019

Thank you to all those that bought squares for the Captains Drive In. I’ve got to say that the drive-in was the one thing that worried me most about my Captaincy year. The thought of duffing the shot 10 yards in front of a crowd anticipating and indeed in some cases, willing just that to happen, filled me with dread. My driving through the winter wasn’t terrible but it was far from great and so the week before last I booked myself a 1 hour lesson with Adie who miraculously corrected my swing path, she described it as the reverse swing plane to Jim Furyk. Oh god, at least I have 4 rounds of golf before the drive-in in order to work on it! Rounds 2 & 3 were at The Oxfordshire (more on that course later), it couldn’t be going so bad as I won Round 2. Believe in yourself Bob! Round 4 is a halved match at Wyboston – a course I’ve never played before so again things are working and I’m beginning to believe my swing looks more akin to Rory McIIroy’s than a rewind of Jim Furyks.

So the big day arrives, I’m up early to go and hit a few looseners on the range, 1 ends up on the 18th fairway the rest are long and straight. I’ve got this nailed and I walk to the tee full of confidence, I’m not worried at all I tell the assembled crowd. Past Captains have a wry grin, they know. My last sight of this gathering before I focus on my drive is off the clubs eternal pessimist, Rob Brand grinning at me, the very same Rob Brand who had predicted Tav’s mis-placed, mis-timed drive from a year earlier and had repeated in his predictions, similarly bad tee shots for me. All those swing thoughts I’d worked hard on to master in the past 4 rounds are gone. I’m doomed!

It was ugly…. better than the 10 yards that I most feared but according to my watch it was 162 yards left and somewhere between the 9th Tee and 8th Green. The crowd roar with laughter. A hastily convened committee of Jo, Hilary and Rob form to adjudicate on the winning square, it seems Rob is not the only doom merchant in the club as its a three way split between Gary Nicholson, Gary Fletcher and of course, Rob. Hilary and Jo decide that Rob just about edged it. I hate him! Things didn’t improve much as my second strike stumbled 48 yards straight in to the pond, thankfully hidden by distance and a hedge from most people. Except Rob, he’s still there, still grinning. I?m still feeling hate!

The Drive-In raised £134 and my love (and thanks) for Rob returned when he donated all his £67 winnings to my ?charity’ for the year.

My chosen ‘charity’ is “Adrienne’s Golf’s Junior Development Programme”. There are no admin fees and so ALL money raised will go to support Adie in this initiative. Adie teaches several children from varying socioeconomic backgrounds as well as children with disabilities (blind, deaf, autistic etc) all this needs ongoing support whether it is to subsidise some children, new teaching equipment and aids or as prizes. If you were present at the AGM you will have heard that she now has 20 juniors regular attending her coaching sessions and most encouragingly, there are 3 juniors now playing on the main course with a further 5 showing potential. Golf should be inclusive and we should all play a part in making it so. From a personal perspective, my aim is to establish the missing jigsaw piece of a Junior Section within the members club. A knock on affect might see the mum?s and dad?s, grandparents etc of the junior join and so there can be a real tangible benefit for all members.

With this in mind, please help support my Captains Day on Saturday 25th May. All members are invited and you can put your name down on the sheets in the Men?s Dressing room or on the noticeboard outside the Mens Dressing room. Julie & Tilly have kindly waived the costs for 5 day members who wish to play. The day will consist of Coffee on arrival, 9 hole Texas Scramble, light lunch, 18 hole Stableford and a BBQ to finish. I will cover the cost of the bar for a large part of the day (if not all).

The cost to all members is £10 and £20 for guests and I?m planning on many other ways on the day for members and guests to support me and raise money, including “Beat the Pro” on the 9th.

I?m offering hole sponsorship as well; for £30, a company, group or person can sponsor a hole, if you provide a banner or poster I?l erect that on the hole and a one-off ‘card of the course’ for the day will have the hole named after the sponsor. If that company, group or person wish to add a raffle prize or donate a spot price that will also be gratefully received. Likewise, anyone can donate a prize for the raffle should they wish to be so generous.I still have a few holes left so if you are interested, please contact me direct.

Lastly, I have written to a number of golf clubs seeking golf vouchers, many have replied and some will be auctioned on the day but the majority will be raffled. There will also be many other great prizes to be won.
The clubs that have donated 4 ball vouchers include The Bedfordshire, Dunstable Downs, John O?Gaunt, The Bedford, The Millbrook, Tilsworth, Rushden, St Neots, Got Magog, Collingtree, Northwood and a 2 ball voucher at The Oxfordshire which I can thoroughly recommend playing, if only because I can boast off one good round there. More courses will be added to this list. Raffle tickets are available from myself, Rose, Adie and Laura when she?s not baking cakes or pulling pints and who incidentally has agreed to a “Nearest the Captains’ wife drive” prize for the ladies on Captains Day. Needless to say this will no doubt fly longer and straighter than my own poor effort!

Thank you for your time in reading this and more importantly, your support for the year. Bob Smith

100 CLUB

The Club  runs a “100 Club” to boost Club funds.  Each number costs £1 a week or £4 a calendar month if paid by Standing Order.  A draw for cash prizes is held monthly, with bonus prizes quarterly and at Christmas. You may choose any number(s) between 1 to 100 that are not already spoken for.

50% of all receipts is paid out in prize money, so the more members there are, the bigger the prizes! You will find a Standing Order form at the link below if would like to participate!

100 Club application

100 Club Draws for 2019




Submitting Supplementary Scores is a way of ensuring that you have enough qualifying cards to maintain your handicap as “Competition” or to regain the “Competition” status if it has lapsed.

A minimum of 3 cards are required during each calendar year to retain the Competition status of your handicap. These can be a mix of cards from  competitions or supplementary cards.

Rounds over 18 holes can be either medal or stableford format & must be played from the yellow, white or red (ladies) tees, i.e. not mats.

Before playing you should inform the committee that you intend to play & submit a supplementary card.

To make this as easy as possible, please email me at or text me on 07982244403.

You can do this any time prior to teeing off. I will then expect your card & enter the score into Handicap Master for any adjustment required.

Please make sure you put your name, date, tees used & markers name on the card. Put the card in the competition box when complete.


The Club Constitution has been re-written, in order to bring it up to date, and the document  has been approved by the Members and the Proprietor.

The document may be seen on the Members News page of this web site, and on the notice board or here Constitution updated 2015