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Competitions 2021

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I am sure we are all delighted to be back playing golf. The committee has been revising the calendar of competitions and reviewing charges. In addition, we have received clear guidance from England Golf on prizes from competitions.  We cannot pay out cash as a prize even nominal sums, without endangering the Amateur status of the recipient. This is likely to be changed by the end of 2021. The committee has therefore decided that no winnings will be paid in cash for any competitions during 2021.  We propose to hold on account all winnings for all competitions until the end of the year. Winners of competitions will be posted on the website each month with a statement of total winnings for each member. Once the rules allow the total amount of the prizes will be paid to the winners.

The Competitions calendar can be seen at  I have shown below the revised competition packages. As the year of golf has been truncated there will only be 2 large packages, a midweek one and a weekend one. The packages will include the competitions identified below. Other competitions are shown with specific amounts as an entry fee.

All entry fees must be paid before any competitions in the package start :-

Payment online will accepted up to midnight on the day before the start day of the competition.  It is requested payments are made in this way and the reference numbers contains the details of the competition you are entering.

If payment has to be made by cash or cheque it must have been posted in the competition not less than 7 days before the competition commences. Please note as the Spring Challenge is scheduled to commence on April 14th, payments will be accepted of manual payments  up to 21st April (7 days before the second round)

Payments should be made to the following bank account.

Name on the account  Sort code Account number Notify payment
Colmworth and North Bedfordshire Golf Club 20-74-81 50285013
Or leave a cheque made payable to Colmworth Golf club  or cash in an envelope in the competition box clearly marked with your name. It’s also very helpful if you can drop an email to let us know that payment has been made.



Proposed Competition Packages for 2021

Weekend Package  1st April – December 31st Cost £22

9 Stableford and 9 Medal Competitions               Prize £15 per winner each division

( to include any Robson tournament rounds)

Flag Competition                                       Winner £20 R/u £10

Weekday Package 2 1st April  – December 31st Cost £28

8 Stableford and 8 Medal competitions                Prize £15  per winner each Division

Singles Knock out                                     w £15  r/u £8

Spring Challenge                                      3 Weekly prizes of £10

Pairs 2 X £10

Trilogy                                                      w £15  r/u £8

best lady if not above £7

Autumn Challenge                                     3 Weekly prizes of £10

Pairs 2 X £10

Christmas Challenge                                 Winner £15 R/u £8

Spring/Autumn Challenge Champion          Winner £15

Rabbit Cup                                               Winner £15

Eclectic                                                    Winner £15

Putting                                                     Winner £10

9-hole AGM          Pairs                                      Winners £10 each pair member

3 club challenge                                        Winning and Runner up pairs £20, £10