How to Gain Your Own Handicap 

As a new or returning member you may wish to obtain a handicap which reflects your golfing standard, allows you to play in club and other external competitions and is recognised across the country. Handicaps
range up to 54 for both men and ladies.

CONGU is the governing body for golf handicapping in the UK, as an affiliated club a handicap obtained at Colmworth will bear the CONGU logo.
To obtain a new handicap you will need to submit score cards totalling 54 holes. This can be either 3 x 18 holes or 6 x 9 holes or any combination to make up 54 holes. Please There is no maximum time required to achieve this so 1 week or 1 year is fine. You must play with another player to act as marker and record your score.

The cards should be properly filled in with your name, the date of the round and the markers name written clearly on each card.

Men should use the yellow tees and ladies the red tees. Please sign your card when the round is finished and place cards in the Competition Box outside the bar. You may also photograph or scan each card and email to me at this email address.

There is no payment required for doing this.

Once I have received enough cards I will issue you with a handicap calculated by the CONGU software, a CDH number (central database of handicaps) and a certificate recording all this information.
All this may sound complicated but follow each step and you will soon hold a CONGU handicap and be able to take part in everything the club has to offer.

Please contact me if you have any questions either by phone or email.
Best Wishes and Good Luck
John Wadham
Handicap Secretary, Colmworth and North Beds GC.
Mob 07982 244403